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Our Superheroes!

Many thanks to students of Texas State University’s Social Marketing class for selecting Drive a Senior as one of their organizations this year! They created a detailed marketing plan for engaging and recruiting college-aged students for volunteering, recruited volunteers and developed materials our organization will be able to use for recruiting on other college campuses in the future.

LAST YEAR ALMOST a thousand of your central Texas friends and neighbors reached out to us for a lift: People like your Mom, making a weekly grocery trip, or your great Uncle Ralph, for his physical therapy; or Aunt Edith, wanting to join her friends for Canasta. People like your neighbor, who at 80+ years still rides his Segway, but can’t take that to the pharmacy. People like the lady up the block that wants to visit her husband in the nursing home. Folks with places to go and people to see. What they have in common is they decided to give up driving.

That’s why we formed the Drive a Senior Network. We connect Austin area volunteer drivers with seniors who live nearby and who choose to continue living independently. Last year we provided more than 27,000 rides. So whether you’re feeling charitable or “paying it forward” … or just have a gap on Thursdays between carpool and soccer practice, we’d appreciate your help.

I really enjoy the drivers –it’s as if I have known each of them all my life. I look forward to my ride with each of them.


I am so appreciative of the rides …. I’ve always been an independent woman and Drive A Senior is helping me maintain my independence.



The Drive a Senior Network is comprised of partner organizations which serve eligible seniors living in Travis, Bastrop and Williamson counties. We provide our free services through our partner organizations as seen on the map above in Elgin, Austin and Southwest Travis County. In 2020, these partners will provide a record number of free rides in support of “healthy aging in place” for the seniors living in our central Texas communities.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Drive a Senior partner serving your area:

Austin North Central: 512-453-2273,

Austin West: 512-472-6339,

Central Texas (south/southwest Austin & Dripping Springs): 512-364-6501,

Elgin: 512-281-6065,


Beginning April 1, 2019, Drive a Senior South and Drive a Senior Southwest combined into one entity, Drive a Senior Central Texas (Drive a Senior CTX). This combination ensures a stronger organization to better serve those areas. It also enables Drive a Senior CTX to expand and enhance the existing volunteer-based transportation and added value socialization offered at no cost to seniors who no longer drive.

“As a member of the Drive a Senior Network, our goal is to increase the number of seniors served and expand our service areas into currently underserved areas of the region. Combining the two organizations enables us to take advantage of synergies and operational efficiencies. At the same time, we will continue to serve our clients with the same compassion and care they have been shown historically,” said Mary Sue Clyne, new chair of the combined organization.