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Why we drive

Drive a Senior was founded on the premise that our senior neighbors lead happier, healthier lives when they “age in place.” But how does one continue to live at home without viable transportation?

• Family members may be distant or sometimes are unavailable.
• Public transportation is not designed for individual attention and can require physical stamina some older adults don’t possess.
• Taxi service can be costly on a fixed income.

So Drive a Senior matches volunteer drivers with seniors needing a way to get around. Our mission has its roots in a 1985 pilot program that showed a high concentration of people over the age of 60 in West Austin. Today a network of five regional organizations serves residents in Austin,  Elgin and Southwest Travis County.

In 2016, our volunteers provided more than 30,000 rides. We currently drive more than 2,500 older citizens. And we see the need continuing to grow for years to come.

Our free rides help Helen Zmud help the library

At age 96 Drive a Senior passenger Helen Zmud likes to stay busy. And she does. For the past 10 years, she's volunteered at the Westlake Public Library where she helps the staff process new books and audiobooks. Since she no longer drives, Southwest Region board chairman Bill O'Brien ferries her to and from her volunteer shifts as part of Drive a Senior's program, which helps seniors get to doctor's appointments, bridge clubs, grocery shopping and more. Congratulations to Helen for her volunteer efforts. We're happy we can help.

Amplify 2018 nets Drive a Senior Network $48,000

Amplify Austin, the annual one-day celebration of donation for Central Texas, raised $48,644.17 for the Drive a Senior Network this year. Two hundred seventy individual donors contributed to the 2018 effort. At the end of the day, Drive a Senior was: the second-highest recipient among small non-profit participants; ranked 32 among a total of 702 participating non-profits; raised the most money between 11 a.m. and noon on Friday, garnering a bonus of $1,000 from Amplify sponsor BB&T Bank. Last year Drive a Senior provided 36,000 rides to more than 2500 of our senior neighbors. The funds we receive from Amplify [...]

Take us for a spin

Still not sure our program is for you? Feel free to “test drive” these video testimonials for a glimpse of the Drive a Senior experience as seen by some of our volunteer drivers and senior riders. Is it about helping seniors get from Point A to Point B? Or is it about opening up a whole new world of friendships to go along with the community service? You be the judge.


‘Nope. That’s all I need’

Volunteer drivers Ron and Jan Gorman remember how difficult it was for their elderly parents in a distant state to get around once they stopped driving. So they’re giving back through Drive a Senior in a Texas community that doesn’t really have public transportation that works for their senior neighbors. It seems to be helping the community … and it creates some smiles for the drivers as well as the passengers. [1:32]


‘We get hungry for talk …’

A senior passenger and her friend, Dale – volunteer driver for Drive a Senior – talk about the first time they met; about what free car service rides mean to elderly citizens living independently … and about how much a community service like helping seniors ends up giving back to the drivers as much as it does to the passengers. [2:56]