To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it.


Donations keep the wheels rolling at Drive A Senior. We’re grateful to the thousands of people who support Drive a Senior with their time, money, and in-kind goods and services. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, donations to Drive a Senior are tax deductible. To make a monetary donation, please click the DONATE button below to jump to our secure donation page, where you’ll find a number of options.


The vast majority of our funding comes from individual or family donations. If you feel so moved you may contribute:
• with a one-time gift;
• through recurring offerings, scheduled as you see fit;
• by bequeathing funds from a will or trust.

If you would like to direct your gift to a particular Drive a Senior region, select that option on the next page. Please contact us for details about tax-deductible giving.


Many institutional partners share our commitment to keep Central Texas seniors moving. We count health-service providers, transportation planners, civic organizations, local governments and charitable foundations among our greatest supporters. They all share an acute awareness that in today’s society people who don’t drive find it hard to participate in the community and in the local economy.

Some provide seed money for new initiatives. Some fund ongoing operations. Some help with grants that bring in support staff or vehicles and services. Some provide incentives to allow their employees to take a turn at the wheel. All see the need to include our senior neighbors with a way to “get around.”

And all are greatly appreciated.

Please contact us to explore ways your organization can help.
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