Free rides for seniors

Drive a Senior provides free rides for seniors who sign up for our service and schedule their rides ahead of time. We concentrate on medical and health-related travel and try to customize our rides:
> curb-to-curb for riders who are fairly agile.
> door-to-door for those who need assistance.
> door-through-door, when passengers request that the volunteer stay with them.

We also have vans in most regions that make grocery store, bank, pharmacy and other group trips. That makes life for our homebound neighbors a little more, well, livable. For some of our passengers those short trips are the only times they leave their homes. So it’s not just a doctor visit; it’s an occasion.

Seniors are eligible ….

If they are:
> over age 60 (65 in some regions)
> non-driving or limited driving
> live in their own homes or with family members.
> within the boundaries of one of our service areas. (see MAP)
> able to walk on their own or with walkers or cane.
(Volunteers cannot transport wheelchairs or provide assistance with passengers who need wheelchairs).

> enroll in our program. You can start here. Please complete the form below.

Thanks for signing up. We’ll  contact you soon to schedule a face to face meeting and complete the enrollment process. Before you know it you’ll be riding with Drive a Senior.